Yadira Albisa


My name is Yadira Albisa, I am Cuban who came to this country as a 4 year old. I consider my self American. I've been married for 25 years and have 3 adopted children a boy 16 and two girls 13 and 8. My life is my children and my husband.

I love Disney and every time I go its like my first time. First time I went there was after my high school graduation that my older brother took me. From then I started going when I got married first taking my stepson, stepdaughter and Godson, now I take my children and they are also hooked on it.

I am a house wife and driver for my kids, they have more activates than I ever did. My son plays High School football and the girls Cheer for a Rec Park. In March we went up to Disney for a cheer competition. Loved it this was my third year and it was great. My oldest came in 1st place and my youngest in 3rd. We all looked forward to the Magic Kingdom with all the cheerleaders. My oldest daughter social life keeps me busy on weekends. Mom I have a party, mom take me to my friends house, mom take me to the mall, by the end of the weekend I'm super tired from all the activities and driving. AT times I say I'm an Uber mom with no pay.

I'm new to the agency and have lots to know but when it comes to Disney I like to let everyone know what I know.


  • Florida, USA


  • yadira@castlesanddreamstravel.com