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Eli Delgado


Hi and welcome in joining me on this magical adventure!

My name is Eli and I have been a Disney fan pretty much since birth. I was born and raised in Southern California, where I was introduced to Disneyland at a very young age. Until I was 17 I went to that park an average of 3 times a year so I have seen the changes that Disney has brought to that original park. I also lived in Florida for a few years and visited twice. Now I live in Upstate New York and have been to both parks 7 times in the past 11 years!

I have tried everything that I want with my family and am willing to help you make the most out of this wonderful adventure! I am a father of 3 princesses and they enjoy Disney almost as much as I do! I have experience in traveling with large groups of 15, and also have gone to Disney with young children 5 different times, ranging in ages from 15 months to teenagers. I have also been to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure within the past 6 years, so I have seen it all, and cant wait for all the exciting changes to come to the parks!

I am also an avid Harry Potter fan, and can't wait to share my experiences with you at Universal Studios, as I have been to both parks. My focus is to have you enjoy the magic from all over to make it a memorable vacation for all involved. I am certified in the Disney College of Knowledge, and will be certified with Universal and Sea World in the very future. That way I can help you enjoy the complete Orlando experience!

I can't wait to help your magical memories come true!


  • New York, USA


  • eli@castlesanddreamstravel.com