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Be our Guest - A Beauty of a restaurant, a Beast for getting an Advanced Dining Reservation

Be Our Guest is situated inside the Beast’s Castle, in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  The stone courtyard and stained-glass windows are very castle-esque, and invites hungry patrons to explore the entrance and archways while waiting for their table.  “Don’t be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.”  Once inside, the restaurant is divided into three exquisitely themed rooms, connected by wide open doorways.

The Beast's Castle

The main dining room, located in the middle of the restaurant, is the largest of the three, and is designed to match the iconic ballroom from the movie.  The tables are relatively close together, and the room can be a bit loud, but the faux windows give off the appearance of evening snow showers.  The atmosphere created is simply magical, which is not surprising coming from Disney.  The West Wing dining room, on the left side of the ballroom, is darker and filled with props to mirror those in the movie, such as the slashed picture of the prince and the enchanted rose.  The Library dining room, on the right side of the ballroom, is bright and open, with a dancing statue of Belle and the Beast.

The Enchanted Rose

Be Our Guest is one of the hardest reservations to get of any Disney restaurant.  (One of our agents can help you get a reservation.) For those using the Disney Dining Plan, it is considered a table service credit for dinner, and a counter service credit for breakfast and lunch.  If you don’t have a reservation, you can still enjoy the food and atmosphere at Be Our Guest by adding your name to the wait list with the hostess.

The Food

 If you’re eating at Be Our Guest for lunch, you should consider pre-ordering your food online, which can be done up to thirty days in advance.  If you don’t pre-order, you’ll be able to order from a kiosk before you are seated.  Once you check in with the hostess, you’ll be given a rose to set on your table.  It’s a magical rose that tracks your party’s location so the serving staff knows exactly where to find you.

    You won’t be disappointed with whatever menu items you choose.  While Lumiere suggests only a glance at the menu, I recommend taking a bit more time, as there are many great options.  The entrees are sharable, but honestly, you are going to want it all for yourself.  Breakfast choices range from pastry crème-filled “cronuts” (Disney’s croissant-donut) to open-faced ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches, to Gaston’s breakfast combo (which doesn’t actually include the five dozen eggs that he sings about). 
    The lunch menu consists of several varieties of salads and sandwiches.  One tip for lunch – if you aren’t a fan of dessert, you can order French onion or potato leek soup instead.  My dad, who is not a fan of sweets, said he would eat a flip-flop if it were dunked in their French onion soup, so it is worth considering.  If you do like dessert, then you should try the grey stuff.  It really is delicious!  The dinner choices have a French flare, with options such as rack of lamb and ratatouille.  Alcoholic beverages are only available during dinner at Be Our Guest.  “The wine’s been poured and thank the Lord” it’s also included in the 2018 dining plan!  Dinnertime at the restaurant is also the only place where you can meet the Beast.

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