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This is a favorite topic of mine, not only because I am a travel agent, but because I love letting people in on the many good benefits, we, as agents bring to your vacation planning experience! Whether you are a first-time traveler, new to cruising, or planning your 8th trip this year, one of our travel agents will be a big benefit to you!

When you book your vacation with a Castles and Dreams agent, there are no additional planning fees! Your vacation or cruise will cost the same or less (I’ll tell you how in a bit) than if you booked on your own. Who wouldn’t want a personal travel advisor that you don’t have to pay? Your vacation time and money are precious. You worked hard to earn both! Booking with one of our travel agents can help you save money, time, frustration, and make sure you get the most out of both your budget and your time away from home. Let me share how we accomplish all of that!

How can we save you money? We maintain relationships with the many vacation suppliers that are out there. This gives us access to some of the best rates and offers that are available at any given time. For destinations that release discounts and deals on a regular basis, we know those trends and look for new discounts to be released. In many cases, even after you have booked your trip, we can apply new discounts when they become available. We watch for new offers, so you don’t have to! 

How can we save you time? Have you ever started the process of researching your vacation destination thinking you could find something quickly, only to realize you have been searching for 2 hours! You missed your gym time, haven’t started dinner, and still haven’t found what you were looking for. The possibilities are endless. While it’s great to have options, having too many can make researching a vacation a time-consuming hassle. We will get to know you! We know what questions to ask in order to narrow down the choices to places and experiences your family would truly enjoy! Planning a vacation itinerary, booking dining reservations, special event tickets, even researching which events you may want to enjoy during your vacation can cut into your valuable family, work, or me time! This is another place where we can narrow down your choices, give you the best options, and take care of the booking for you!   

How can we save you frustration? Having a travel agent means having a trusted advisor and advocate to help you. Vacations and travel are our passion! Only people who love travel and love helping other families do the same become agents at Castles and Dreams Travel. We don’t book a hotel or cruise cabin for you and move on to the next client. We are here for you every step of the way. Your vacation quote is just the beginning of a great relationship that lasts well after we welcome you home! We also want you to know that you have someone in your corner just in case something goes wrong. Flights delayed or cancelled? Not sure if you need a visa to visit a cruise port or a passport to cruise to Alaska? Do I really need that travel insurance? We are here to answer questions, get the details you need, and help you with issues that come up before, during, and after your vacation. Our work gives you time for more important things, like which swim suit to pack!

How do we help you get the most out of your vacation? We know you may have traveled before, we also know that you have friends and family that love you and want to share their experiences with you. While having travel savvy friends & family can certainly be helpful, sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming! Also, vacations are unique for each family. There isn’t just one way to “do Disney” or enjoy an Alaskan cruise. As your travel agent, we will bring our experience to the table, but we also listen to you! We have the benefit of not just our own experiences, but those of our fellow agents and clients. We are committed to helping you plan an experience that will be the most fun for you and your family! The last big perk I want to share with you is this; As travel agents, we don’t work for our suppliers. We partner with our suppliers, train with them, maintain relationships with them, but we don’t work for them. We work for you, our clients! We are only going to give advice that would be a benefit to you! The best way for travel agencies to be successful is to build trust in our clients so they come back to us and refer us with confidence! We can only do that if work with your best interests at heart! 


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