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In the great words of a dear friend, Winnie the Pooh, “There is always more to discover.” Traveling with my family and friends, I have realized there are no truer words. Creating memories through personalized vacations is an absolute joy for me! Whether it is your very first Walt Disney World trip or your eighth cruise on the high seas, having a reliable and organized vacation planner is key to your relaxation! Let me do the hard aspects of the planning process for you, so you can get started on what brings you the most joy! I specialize in multi-generational family trips, couples only excursions, as well as all of the vacations centered around KIDS, KIDS, KIDS! I am a mom of four and have taken my children to Walt Disney World as young as three months old. Every trip and every vacation we take is always a new adventure due to ages changing, growing heights, and different passions at each stage of life! I can’t wait to take you on board the fun planning stages all of my personalized vacations offer!


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